European Spa with a Victorian Flare.

Our Products

Premium Aromatherapy Body Products

Purchase the Best Body Products Handmade Here at the Spa by our massage therapist, Angie!

Spa on the Lake sells a whole line of 100% therapeutic grade, hand blended, essential oil aromatherapy body products. Organic, gluten free, and natural lines are also available. 
  • Stress Relief body oil – $17
  • Sweet Slumber body oil – $12
  • Cellulite Reducer body lotion – $17
  • Joint and Muscle Relief body lotion – $17
  • Foot Scrub – $7
  • Bath crystals - $20
  • Body Scrubs - $20

Renew Yourself With Body Oil

Our Stress Relief and Sweet Slumber body oils are light and silky. They provide therapeutic benefits without leaving a greasy residue behind. Also boosts the immune system, due to the citrus blend. Use our body oils to treat everyday stress, headaches, migraines, and even insomnia.

Reduce Cellulite With Our Body Lotion

Our Cellulite Reducer is proven to tone and diminish the dimpling appearance of your skin. Also boosts the immune system, due to the citrus blend.

A Body Lotion That Provides Joint and Muscle Relief

Warm and relax your tired, overworked muscles and stiff joints with Joint and Muscle Relief body lotion. This is a great solution if you're suffering from fibromyalgia or arthritis. 

* Do not use any warm elements once this lotion has been applied.
foot scrub

Soften Dry Heels With Our Foot Scrub

Relieve and soften dry, cracked heels today with our signature foot scrub! The foot scrub is a creamy, gluten free, organic lotion that is comprised of organic sugar and an infusion of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.
Visit us at 121 S. Washington St.
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