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Permanent Makeup

Superior Permanent Makeup Service


Are you tired of spending time applying makeup every morning? Save time and eliminate stress by getting permanent makeup at Spa on the Lake. A variety of beautiful permanent makeup services are available:
  • Full eyebrows – $499 and up
  • Upper and lower eyeliner – $499
  • Upper or lower eyeliner – $249
  • Lip liner – $499
  • Beauty marks – $75 and up
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Transform Your Appearance With Full Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are too thin, sparse, or non-existent, you can get them filled in for a completely natural look. Touch-up prices vary from client to client.

Apply Upper and Lower Eyeliner Now

When you want a subtle, natural look, get eyeliner that mimics eyelashes with pigment implanted into the lash line. This makes the eyelashes appear thicker for both women and men. Additional color can be added to give you a soft, natural liner or a bolder, more glamorous line.

Luscious Lip Liner

Add definition and fullness to your lips with lip liner. This treatment is perfect for reshaping uneven lips.

Is It Safe?

Since World War II many articles have been published describing the use of permanent cosmetic pigmentation. These articles assure the safety of utilizing pigments intradermally in the eyelids, lips and brows. The pigments used have been extensively tested and there have been no reported complications to these materials in commercial tattooing or cosmetic tattooing, including areas close to the eyes.New Paragraph
Patti Mendoza is our wonderfully talented permanent makeup artist/esthetician and not only has 17 years of experience in permanent makeup but is a certified instructor as well!
Schedule your appointment or free consult by calling us at 248-628-3555
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